White Power Gangs in America’s Prison System

The focus of this blog will be of White Power and White Nationalist gangs in Americas prison system. Furthermore, it will take an in depth look at who these gangs consist of what their agendas are from behind bars. While there is widely known acknowledgement of their existence, few take the time to look deeper into what these gangs stand for and how they continue their discrimination and hatred behind bars. The preconceived notions of society of what these people stand for and how they physically appear can be directly derived from mainstream media to shape an image that is not consistent with the majority of people in these gangs. This blog will attempt to debunk the mainstream image of these people and interrogate their beliefs and actions through research and assigned class readings.

About White Power Prison Gangs

Senior Psychology major creating a blog for my Cultural Ethnic Studies class about white power movements
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One Response to White Power Gangs in America’s Prison System

  1. cape0m2 says:

    In ways i feel like this doesnt make sense creating gangs in jail but it is alot safer for people to do it becuase at the end of the day when you are isolated from the real world you tend to related better with people that look like you and i feel that way in alot of different surroundings

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