Prison Gangs On Stormfront

After searching around various blogs on, I was coming up empty with any mentions of what members of stormfront thought of their brothers behind bars. I finally arrived on a post by Howard Scott Lacy titled “Integration At Its Worst” which was an answer to an article posted in the American Renaissance about how black people act. Exposed to much of what this article was about being in prison, he decided to write his own post about what he had experienced in prison with African Americans.  

He never mentions in his article what his beliefs are and does not talk about himself much, but speaks from the point of view of “some of us who are already racial minorities.” (Lacy) He does sound overtly racist in his rhetoric describing other race groups such as “black prisoners are loud, brash, aggressive, and violate the rules almost by nature” (Lacy) leading me to believe that he himself is part of a white nationalist prison gang. He later describes himself as living in administrative segregation because he qualifies as part of a Security Threat Group after being identified as a part of a racist white prison gang. After describing how non-white prisoners act, he then divulges that it is seemingly necessary to join a white prison gang simply for aspect of survival in prison. Being a minority in the federal prison system, whites often come under attack from other race groups simply because they have more power in numbers and this need to show dominance. This leads to brutal beatings, extortion, and rape if an individual is not part of a white prison gang. He then goes on to state that it is absolutely imperative to be racially conscious within the walls of prison because without that knowledge the threat of an attack in imminent.


“80 percent of blacks and Hispanics are already members of street or prison gangs when they get here… Almost no whites are members of anything when they arrive, but a large majority end up joining.” (Lacy) This illustrates his point that racial awareness is crucial and for survival and thus the need for protection lies within one’s own racial group in prison. He then goes on to proclaim that even though white gangs are strictly for “protection”, they are carelessly categorized as racist, supremacist and hate-filled. Within this, Lacy’s own perception of his gang is masked by his racial supremacy in that he does not feel that he is in the wrong for being a part of a supremacist gang in prison.

After reading through Lacy’s article, it becomes clear that white supremacists outside prison walls do not so much care for what happens within prison. Although groups inside and out of prison hold the same rough ideals about white supremacy, outside organizations are much more concerned with being active in the fight against race-mixing whereas gangs inside are more concerned with their own survival. Furthermore since I could hardly find anything more than a brief mentioning of prison gangs on stormfront I am lead to believe that active white supremacists outside of prison do not much care for or support their brothers on the inside because they are not on the proverbial “frontlines” of white nationalist movements. They are separate entities with different goals which happen to believe in the same ideals and share the “pure” white skin.

About White Power Prison Gangs

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2 Responses to Prison Gangs On Stormfront

  1. djlwsu says:

    very interesting; what do you make of the disconnect? What does this tell us? That being said, what sort of shared ideology do you see between those on the inside and those on outside — in terms of being a “minority” “endangered” etc.?

  2. Meghan Staley says:

    In a way, I feel like prison gives inmates an excuse for joining a gang. Most inmates want security and protection, which they get from belonging to a group. Prison introduces new ideologies and influences new gang members from the moment they step inside. The article said almost no whites were members of a gang prior to prison. This shows how many of them must learn this behavior once they get there. Once they are released, I’m sure those racist views stick with them. Its interesting prison is supposed to change criminals into “better people” but many of them spend their time becoming involved with gangs.

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