White Prison Gangs On Trial

The video posted above is that of the introduction to a documentary the National Geographic Channe did on the presence on the Aryan Brotherhood in Americas prison system. It encompasses the nature in which many people view the gang and how violence is a part of their daily regime. There is a strong overall perception of all prison gangs today pertaining to violence and hatred towards others not involved with gangs activities or more specifically race. None could be more true than that of the Aryan Brotherhood in which I described in a previous blog post. The article I researched about my topic of prison gangs was a review of the trial of several members of the Aryan Brotherhood. The prosecutors aimed their case at many counts of racketeering and murders throughout the ranks of the brotherhood. The “said” goal of these operations was to control the inmates through the use of terror tactics such as vicious assaults and murders (source 1). I believe that this deals explicitly with my topic because it showcases some of the inner-workings of Aryan prison gangs and how they operate to keep order within their ranks and the prison that contains them. As stated in the article, the Aryan brotherhood operates on a “Blood-In Blood-Out” policy which all members of gang are held accountable until they eventually end up dead through inter-gang violence seemingly caused by racial issue that they stir up. Furthermore, the prosecutions statements about the gang in the courtroom detail the how the organization functions and how well organized the gang has become since its inception in 1960.

Barry "The Barron" Mills

Tyler "The Hulk" Bingham

Edgar "The Snail" Hevle

Christopher Overton Gibson

 The four main people on trial are pictures above two of which I have discussed before, Barry Mills and Tyler Bingham (senior-most members and creators), and two other senior members Edgar Hevle and Christopher Gibson. According to another article by NPR that detailed the trial in another light, the secret message that the heads of the gang were passing around were warnings of a potential race war within the prison and encoded messages about who was to be killed (source 2). This being said, the purpose of most of these killings was to eliminate high ranking members of other gangs within the prison more specifically members of the Mexican and black gangs. Both articles that I found talk about the case in fairly sure light that there is more than enough evidence to lead to justifying evidence for harder sentencing and many more years behind bars. In another article I found describing the outcome of the trial (also on NPR), Bingham and Mills may be facing death row after the sentencing and Hevle and Gibson are almost positively facing life in prison. The defenses justification for the heinous criminal charges brought to the table is that “their clients had only banded together to protect themselves in the violent and racially divided prison system.” This statement alone seemingly provides the justification for the leaders of the Aryan Brotherhood to order the murder of other inmates in order to keep their organization in check and “on top”. All of these articles I have found are written with a demeanor that these men are hardened criminals finally being tried for the wrong things they have done in their prison careers. While every person has the right to a fair trial, they seem to have an overwhelming amount of evidence and people who are ready to see be taken down by the U.S. Justice system in what was “believed to be one of the largest federal capital cases in the United States” (source 2) 

About White Power Prison Gangs

Senior Psychology major creating a blog for my Cultural Ethnic Studies class about white power movements
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2 Responses to White Prison Gangs On Trial

  1. djlwsu says:

    What does the article tell us about white nationalists prison gangs; what does this demonstrate about the literature?

  2. It would be interesting to learn more about how they communicate with other gang members around the country while still in prison.

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