Mainstream VS. Extreme In White Power Groups

My topic as a whole is an illustration of the idea of Mainstream vs. Extreme in white supremacist ideologies. I derive this logic from the though that white supremacist groups outside of prison walls can be seen as mainstream in their attempts to recruit and further their cause. With that said, white supremacist gangs inside of prison can be viewed as the extreme for their adoption of loose white supremacists beliefs to justify their criminal organization in their conquest for prison domination.

Moving forward, the differences between the mainstream and extreme groups in this light is their overall goal and motives to reach that goal. As seen in white supremacist groups outside of prison, their goal is to educate the public and recruit members to their cause in order to move forward with their racist ideologies. In their mind they are fighting for a just cause to salvage the pure white race and reclaim the country. Differing greatly from this perspective is the logic behind white power prison gangs.

Originally, all-white prison gangs were formed as a way to protect the white inmates in prison from racially charged attacks from colored gangs. As time went on, and into current times, the overall goal of the larger white prison gangs is to control all business that happens inside prison walls. This includes but is not limited to drug trafficking, sex trafficking and murder-for-hire which are very common aspects of interest in federal penitentiaries. As mentioned in an earlier post, much of the gangs recruitment strategies involve seemingly white supremacist views which later dissolve in the eyes of controlling illegal activities. The sense of false views for other motives causes white power prison gang membership to lose people who actually believe and follow white supremacist ideologies thus weeding out the true criminals who are a best fit for the organization.

With these two types of organizations now discussed, it is easy to see why white supremacist prison gangs offer a look at the extreme side of white supremacy. With their loosely held beliefs in white supremacy they find solace in justifying their actions against other powerful prison gangs (MS13, Bloods, and Crips) with similar motives for prison dominance. When inmates first reach prison, they have a crucial decision to make. That decision is based off how they want their time in prison to be served, it could be served joining a gang according to the color of your skin or it could be spent hiding and doing others bidding. This is where white supremacist gangs gain membership to carry out there tasks for prison dominance. To be viewed as the extreme end of white supremacy, racial wars are attempted and racial killings ensue but no furthering of white supremacists ideologies take place thus extreme white supremacy inside of prisons will not be viewed as a valiant effort in furthering the white race.

About White Power Prison Gangs

Senior Psychology major creating a blog for my Cultural Ethnic Studies class about white power movements
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